Flight 604

This song is about the air crash Flight 604. The Boeing 737-300 crashed into the Red Sea, killing all 135 passengers and all 13 crew members. The findings of the crash investigation are controversial, with accident investigators from the different countries involved not agreeing on the cause.
“We know we’ll never come back – We call the flight of no return, no coming back”.
From the Album “Love Burns” by Toby Frey
Feat. Suezi Flueckiger, vocal
Now available on iTunes or Google Play
Music: Toby Frey, Lyrics: Ueli Schnorf

Your World

This song is from the new Album “ONLY SILENCE REMAINS”,
“…I’m the rhythm in your heartbeat.
I’m the tiny drop in the sea.
I’m the star that shines upon you.
I’m the breeze that blows through your hair…”
M&L: Toby Frey
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Google Play : https://bit.ly/2ztl4sH

Your World

Your World
feat. Kosala
Music and Lyrics: Toby Frey, Dancers: “Lady Tribe”
…I’m a butterfly on a flower.
I’m a happy smile on your face.
I’m a lightning in a rainstorm.
I’m this song I’m singing for you…

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